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Our Journey


Ridgeback Lodge is founded

Robert and Christel immigrated to NB, Canada where they purchased a lodge and cabins. They introduced the geodesic domes to Canada and Ridgeback Lodge would soon get international recognition from CNN Travel, Condé Nast, Harpers Bazaar, Boston Globe and many more.


Moved to AB, Canada

Major milestone for Robert and Christel as they sold their NB resort to pursue their dream of living and working in the Rocky Mountains. It was an exciting transition with new, challenging opportunities ahead.


Gears of Travel is founded

Gears of Travel was born to share their passion for ‘overlanding’. Giving you the opportunity to go beyond the regular rental car and RV companies, providing you with a proper vehicle and equipment to see all the beauty Canada has to offer.



Robert and Christel started land acquisition requirements for a new glamping resort. The location was determined after a 4 year long period of due diligence, site visits and discussions with local representatives.



 Disposition and Development Permit were received and construction is underway. Resort opening is planned for summer of 2024!

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